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2013 Freestyle Skiing World Championship: Aerials: Crashes

They got into the finals, but then they kissed snow on their landing. Luckily they all walked away ok.

2013 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Championship: Oslo-Tryvann: Men’s Halfpipe: Aaron Blunck crashes

16 year old Aaron Blunck looked like he was putting together a wining run until he lost his balance after his final trick and hit the ground hard. Blunck would finish 6th in the competition.

2013 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Championship: Oslo-Tryvann: Women’s Halfpipe: Marie Martinod crashes

Marie Martinod (FRA) crashed in her 2nd run after hitting the top of the halfpipe and loosing a ski. Martinod was able to walk away under her own power and finished 5th overall.

2013 Burton US Snowboard Open: Vail: Halfpipe: Shaw crashes

In his first run Spencer Shaw (USA) wipes out hard, but he manages to get back up and finish in 10th place.

2013 Burton US Snowboard Open: Vail: Halfpipe: Castellet crashes hard

The lone European in the final, Queralt Castellet (ESP) hits the roof hard in her second run and has to sit out on her third run.

2013 Alpine Skiing World Cup: Kvitfjell: Downhill: Goldberg crashes out

American rookie Jared Goldberg crashes out into the netting in a strange position that gives the crowd a laugh.

2013 Alpine Skiing World Cup: Garmisch: Downhill: McKennis crashes

Alice McKennis (USA) continues to have an up and down season; Saturday it was down as she wiped out hard and had to be airlifted away.

2013 Alpine Skiing World Cup: Garmisch: Super G: Sejersted crashes out

Lotte Smiseth Sejersted (NOR) makes a small mistake and then wipes out finishing the fast ride on her hip, with a wounded wing.

2013 Nordic World Ski Championships: Nordic Combined: Edlemann crashes

Nordic Combined athlete Tino Edelmann (GER) wipes out on his landing, hurting his score, but luckily not himself.

2013 Alpine Skiing World Cup: Meribel: Super Combined: Hoefl-Riesch crashes out

With the podium in her sights, the newly crowned Super Combined champ spins out in her slalom run.

2013 Alpine Skiing World Cup: Garmisch: Giant Slalom: Crashes

It was a tough day on the hill for Davide Simoncelli (ITA), Thomas Fanara (FRA), and Hannes Reichelt (AUT) who all wipe out.

2013 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup: Bukovel: Men’s Aerials: Christopher Lambert crashes hard

In the first final heat Christopher Lambert under rotated a backflip and took a hard crash landing hard on his face. Lambert was able to walk away unassisted.

2013 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup: Sochi: Women’s Ski Cross: Weilharter crashes hard

Sabrina Weilharter (GER) went down in the quarter finals of the Women’s 3rd heat. The crash happened right at the finish and Weilharter had to be carried away.

2013 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Moguls: Sochi: Alexandr Smyshlyaev crashes hard

Russian skier Alexandr Smyshlyaev took a hard fall on the 2nd jump of the final heat. Although he was in a lot of pain, he was fortunately able to ski off on his own.

2013 FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships: Schladming: Giant Slalom: Thomas Fanara crashes into gate

Thomas Fanara (FRA) was putting together a pretty good run that would have landed him in 2nd but lost control going into a gate, causing him to go down and ski out.

2013 FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships: Schladming: Downhill: Dominique Gisin crashes

The 27 year old Dominique Gisin (SUI) crashed into the netting when she lost control midway though the course. The course gave skiers trouble early, as 2 other skies also crashed before Gisin’s run.

2013 FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships: Schladming: Downhill: Marco Sullivan crashes into netting

32 year Marco Sullivan (USA) crashed midway through the course, causing him to slide hit into the netting. Sullivan was able to get u after the crash and ski away.

2013 Freestyle Skicross World Cup: Grasgehren: Crashes

Freestyle Skicross isn’t always a pretty race, and these guys and dolls can attest to.

2013 Women’s Luge World Championship: Whistler: Luge crashes

In run one, Olena Shkhumova (UKR) and Viera Gburova (SLO) both lost control of their sleds and crashed out; fortunately neither were injured.

2013 Freestyle Skiing World Cup: Cota Crashes

Jeremy Cota (USA) loses control right before the first jump and goes down, but he still manages to give the crowd a fantastic show.

2013 Freestyle Skiing World Cup: Pertakhiya crashes

Marika Pertakhiya (RUS) is the first one down – unfortunately, she hits the hill hard, leaving quite a shiner.

2013 Speed Skating Sprint Championship: Day 2: Kodaira crashes

Nao Kodaira (JPN) crashes out on day two of the women’s 1000m, luckily she skates away.

2013 Speed Skating Sprint Championship: Day 2: Jenny Wolf Crashes

The German powerhouse Jenny Wolf losing her footing in the Women’s 1000m and slams into the wall hard, though luckily she skates away.

2013 FIS World Cup Ski Jumping: Sapporo: Ito crashes on ramp

Daiki Ito (JPN) has a scary moment as he loses he footing on the ramp and heads down face first. Luckily he stops in time, but he was unable to complete his final jump, after sitting in second.

2013 FIS Snowboarding Big Air Championship: Smits crashes

Seppe Smits (BEL) took a hard fall in his 2nd run after being one of the leaders in the events. As the weather conditions picked up, It was easy for anyone to make a mistake.

2013 FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup: Wengen: Downhill: Perko crashes

With the finish line in sight, Rok Perko (SLO) wipes out hard, but manages to walk away.

2013 FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup: Wengen: Downhill: Svindal crashes

Askel Lund Svindal (NOR) can’t control the dropping turn and smashes into the netting. He did manage to ski away.

2013 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup: Lake Placid: Men’s Aerials: American Ferguson crashes

Dylan Ferguson (USA) took a hard crash onto his back after he over-rotated on his landing. He was looking to make it into the final four, but he fell to 12th place.

2013 Women’s Bobsled World Cup: Konigssee: Kostramina crashes

Ekaterina Kostramina and brakewoman Anna Pahmutova (RUS) crashed their RUS 3 sled after clipping the edge of the wall going into a turn.

2013 FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup: St. Anton: Super G: Yurkiw crashes

Although the graphic says Kaufmann (SUI), it is actually bid No. 37 Larisa Yurkiw (CAN) who has a bad crash.

2013 FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup: Adelboden: GS: Ford crashes

Tommy Ford (USA) takes a trip into the netting, crashing out in the first run of the giant slalom.

2013 FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup: St. Anton: Downhill: Marchand-Arvier crashes

Marie Marchand-Arvier (FRA) loses her footing and takes a painful crash, but luckily she escaped unhurt.

2012 FIS Four Hills Ski Jumping: 2nd Hill: Hlava crashes

Lukas Hlava (CZE) can’t keep his footing on the landing and down he goes.

2012 FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup: Bormio: Downhill: Biesemeyer crashes hard

In the Men’s Downhill at Bormio, Thomas Biesemeyer (USA) gets tossed into the air and lands hard. Luckily he was able to ski away.

2012 FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup: Bormio: Downhill: Puchner crashes

Joachim Puchner (AUT) had a rough ride and eventually lost his footing, wiping out into the netting.

2012 FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup: Bormio: Downhill: Sporn crashes

Andrej Sporn (SLO) couldn’t keep his feet and goes down during his downhill run in Bormio.

2012 Alpine World Cup: Alta Badia: Giant Slalom: Didier Defago crashes out

Didier Defago (SUI) lost control of his skies in his first run and was sent to the ground, sliding into one of the gate flags.

2012 Freestyle Skiing: Women’s Dual Moguls: Ruka: Oakley crashes

American KC Oakley took a crash into the ramp as she prepared herself for a jump in the small final heat.

2012 Alpine World Cup: Val Gardena: Super G: Viletta crashes out

Sandro Viletta (SUI) had a rough day, as he takes a gate head on and wipes out hard. Luckily, he was able to ski away.

2012 Alpine World Cup: Val d’Isere: Downhill: Lindsey Vonn crashes hard into netting

In the third downhill of the season, Lindsey Vonn (USA) uncharacteristically fell in the opening first seconds of her run. Although she was able to walk away, Vonn continues to loose ground on Tina Maze in the point standings.

2012 Bobsled World Cup: Winterberg: 4-Man: NED I crashes

Netherlands I, driven by E. Van Calker, took a hard crash but managed to upright themselves and finish with time of 1:52.47.

2012 Alpine World Cup: Slalom: Val d’Isere: Brandenburg crashes

American Will Brandenburg lost control of his skies, sending him through the air and taking a hard fall onto his back. American Michael Ankeny also had a smaller crash on the day.

2012 Alpine World Cup: Super G: St. Moritz: Blomqvist crashes into netting

Lisa Blomqvist (SWE) went for a ride as she lost control of her skies and was sent flying into the netting — or rather under it. Blomqvist looked injured but she was OK.

2012 Men’s Bobsled World Cup: Winterberg: Hladik crashes

In his first World Cup race, Vladimir Hladik (CZE) crashes hard across the finish line and fails to get a second run.

2012-2013 Alpine WC: Lake Louise: Mattia Casse crashes into netting

Casse (ITA) looked to be putting together a solid run until losing control and crashing into the course netting. The race was delayed for several minutes as Casse was airlifted away.

2012 FIBT Bobsled World Cup: Park City: Lyndon Rush crashes in 2man

Rush (CAN) looked as though he was positioned to beat out Holcomb as the race leader, until he made a costly error causing his sled to flip.

2012 ISU Grand Prix: Cup of China: Rippon crashes with Song

After a crash with Adam Rippon during their warm-up before the free skate, Nan Song (CHN) was forced to withdraw from the competition.

2012 Alpine World Cup: Men’s GS: Soelden: Crashes

The dangerous combo of new skis and sloppy weather equal a slippery slope in the Men’s GS during the 2012 Alpine World Cup in Soelden.

2012’s Alpine Skiing Crashes

The new FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup starts on October 27th on Universal Sports. We have compiled clips of the best (or worst) crashes from last season – Ouch!

2012 Burghley Horse Trials: Cross-Country Crashes

Here are the unfortunate competitors who didn’t quite make it over the barriers in a painful cross country phase; luckily all walked away.

2012 Tour of Britain: Stage 1: Mark Cavendish crashes hard

Mark Cavendish (Sky Procycling) looked to be set up perfectly in the final kms of the race until he collided with another rider and went crashing to the ground.

2012 Tour of Britain: Stage 1: Luke Rowe wins after teammate crashes

Luke Rowe (Sky Procycling) finished with a time of 4:51:05, after fellow teammate Mark Cavendish went down with a few kms left to the finish.

2012 Diamond League Zurich: Chemos crashes in Steeplechase, still wins

Milcah Chemos (KEN) crashed on the second to lap, but once Sofia Assefa (ETH) stepped out of her lane, Chemos was able to gain speed and win the Diamond League title.

2012 Pro Challenge Stage 7: Piamonte crashes at the finish

Freddy Piamonte tried his best to hit his brakes on the final turn of the time trail but was sent over his handle bars into a barrier.

2012 Pro Challenge Stage 7: Chris Butler crashes at start

Butler crashed within the opening minute of the time trail after failing to lean into a turn properly.


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