FAQ: Authentication

What is Authentication?
Authentication, or verification, is the ability to login to our website using your current satellite or cable TV provider account to access live streaming content and online video on demand. (full event replays).

All live streaming events and full event replays are only be available exclusively to authenticated cable subscribers with Universal Sports as part of their television package. As future providers add Universal Sports to their channel lineup, it is likely that authenticated access to UniversalSports.com will also be granted.

What is required for accessing live or event replays on UniversalSports.com?
You will need to verify on our website that you subscribe to a cable, satellite or telco video tier, or package, that includes Universal Sports Network by entering a user name and password associated with your account from your TV provider. There is no additional charge for this service and your account will not be affected.

Is account verification required for accessing video other than live streams?
Yes, but only full event replays (e.g. an entire cycling stage), which is typically available 5-10 minutes following the conclusion of the event. You will NOT need to verify your TV subscription to view the extensive collection of competition highlights, interviews, athlete features, etc., which are always free to anyone who visits UniversalSports.com.

I am already a subscriber to a service that provides Universal Sports as part of my television package. How do I access live streaming events or event replays?
Please click “SIGN-IN WITH CABLE/SAT PROVIDER” at the top of the UniversalSports.com homepage, choose your provider and enter the user name and password that corresponds with your TV provider account. If you do not have your login name and/or password, please contact your TV provider directly for this information. You can always locate the latest list of live streaming events under the WATCH LIVE button; additionally, when events are being streamed live, they will be located on the homepage of UniversalSports.com, as well as within the corresponding sports section found under the OUR SPORTS button. If you miss a live event and wish to watch the full replay, visit the EVENT REPLAYS section found underneath WATCH LIVE. Please keep in mind that not all providers have chosen to activate online authentication.

What if I’ve entered my username and password but still can’t access a live event or event replay?
An active subscription to a video tier that includes Universal Sports is required to access live streaming content and online video on demand (i.e. replays). Contact your provider by phone or visit their website to verify you have the required networks in your tier and/or sports package.

What content is freely available on UniversalSports.com?
All video highlights, photo galleries, and news content will be made available for free to all UniversalSports.com visitors. We encourage you to return frequently to view this content and stay up-to-date on all of your favorite Olympic sports and athletes year round. You can also download our iPhone and iPad apps to enjoy all the most recent on-demand video highlights when you are on the go.

What can I do to get coverage of this content either online or on-air?
If you are unable to receive our network, contact your TV provider and tell them you want Universal Sports in your channel line up. Call 1-800-55-GET-US, or follow this link to fill out an online form: CLICK HERE. You may already have done this in the past, but please be assured that your voices are being heard and does continue to make a difference.

I read this page and my question is still not answered.
Contact our Customer Support Line at 1-800-728-4USN and your call will be directed to the appropriate department. A representative will respond to your inquiry. If you need immediate assistance for an online streaming subscription, live event or account issue, please use the CUSTOMER SERVICE link at the bottom of our site.