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Q by Equinox: Tips for Athletes

Tips For Athletes from Q by Equinox Q is Equinox’s editorial site that was created to change the conversation on fitness and wellness by presenting it in an elevated way. To them, the body is the ultimate investment. They believe it takes equal parts inspiration and information to get you to commit—and that’s what Q […]

Equinox Tips: The Adhesive Advantage

The practice of sports taping is booming. Could you benefit?   Monday, August 19, 2013 | Wendy Schmid for Q by Equinox When Kerri Walsh Jennings spiked her way to Olympic gold in 2008, the vibrant-blue patches she wore on her shoulder made headlines around the world. Since then, the practice of sports taping has been kept […]

Equinox Tips: Step Up Your Cyling

    Tuesday, September 17, 2013 | Richard Moore, Q by Equinox Geraint Thomas is the double Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist who in the summer of 2013 astonished the world with his performance at the 100th Tour de France. He didn’t win. But in an event that is renowned as the ultimate test of endurance and […]

Equinox Tips: Marathon Strength Training: Week 10

The buzz word for this week: Pairings. In a meta sense, to run well and run healthy, you must complement your mileage with strength-training. “If you haven’t picked up on it yet, running really does need to be paired with lifting,” says Tier 4 coach Jason Skinner. “Structure, balance and movement tend to fall apart […]

Equinox Tips: Marathon Strength Training: Week 9

Just as there are superfoods, there are supermoves, exercises so dynamic and effective that they confer a particularly significant benefit and thus deserve a permanent place in your repertoire. One such move is the focal point of this week’s series, and it’s got Tier 4 coach Jason Skinner using superlatives. “Week 9 holds a special place […]


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