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2014 Diamond League: Monaco: Martinot-Lagarde wins 110m hurdles

Pascal Martinot-Lagarde (FRA) wins his 4th straight Diamond League 110m hurdles race, setting a French record at 12.96. Winning the race by .06 seconds over Orlando Ortega (CUB).

2014 Diamond League: Glasgow: Harrison wins 100m hurdles

In the 9th Diamond League meet, Queen Harrison (USA) gets her first Diamond League win at 12.58, holding off fellow American Lolo Jones by .10 seconds. Meanwhile on the returning Olympic Champ, Sally Pearson (AUS) took 3rd.

2014 Diamond League: Glasgow: Culson wins 400m hurdles

In the 9th Diamond League meet, Javier Culson (PUR) whips the field by .34 seconds, with a time of 48.35. He now ties Michael Tinsley (USA), who was third, for the DL lead and Decathlon Champ Ashton Eaton (USA) took an impressive second place.

2014 Diamond League: Paris: Tinsley wins Men’s 400m Hurdles

Michael Tinsley (USA) takes first in the men’s 400m Hurdles with a season-best time of 48.25. His top awards include silver in the London Olympics and the Moscow World Championships.

2014 Diamond League: Paris: Parchment wins Men’s 110m Hurdles

Hansle Parchment (JAM) wins the Men’s 110m Hurdles in 12.94, making it the world-best time this year. He previously won the bronze for the same event at the London Olympics.

2014 Diamond League: Paris: Harper-Nelson wins Women’s 100m Hurdles

Dawn Harper-Nelson (USA) wins the Women’s 100m Hurdles with a World Best this year of 12.44, putting her 1st in Diamond Race Standings. She’s previously won olympic gold and silver medals in Beijing and London, respectively.

2014 Diamond League: Lausanne: Culson wins 400m hurdles

Javier Culson (PUR) holds off a late charge by Michael Tinsley (USA) by .08 seconds, winning at 48.32 seconds and now ties Tinsley for the lead in the Diamond League.

2014 Diamond League: Lausanne: Lagarde wins 110m hurdles

After a false start, Pascal Martinot-Lagarde (FRA) gets his third straight Diamond League win with a world leading time of 13.06, winning by .07 seconds over Sergey Shubenkov (RUS). David Oliver was 4th, 13.23.

2014 Diamond League: Oslo: Spencer wins 400m hurdles

2014, Oslo, Norway, IAAF Track and Field Diamond League, Kaliese Spencer (JAM) gets her third win this season at 21.14 seconds, just holding off Kemi Adekoya (BRN) by .02, who won the first race of the season. (Call your TV provider to watch full eve

2014 Diamond League: Rome: Rollins wins 100m hurdles

World Champ Brianna Rollins just edges former Olympic Champ Dawn Harper-Nelson by .01 seconds with a time of 12.53. Queen Harrison in third, 12.61, completes the American sweep.

2014 Diamond League: Shanghai: Xie wins 110m hurdles

Wenjun Xie (CHN) gets a win for the home crowd, beating David Oliver (USA), who was 3rd, and Pascal Martinot-Lagarde (FRA) by .03 at 13.23.

2014 Diamond League: Shanghai: Tinsley wins 400m hurdles

In the Men’s 400m hurdles, Michael Tinsley (USA), Olympic and World Champ silver medalist, gets the win at 48.77 seconds. Bershawn Jackson (USA) took 3rd, .15 seconds behind.

2014 Diamond League: Doha: Adekoya wins 400m Hurdles

Kemi Adekoya (BRN) gets the surprise win in lane one at 54.59 seconds, .48 faster than Kaliese Spencer (JAM). American star Lashinda Demus drops all the way back into 4th.

2014 Diamond League: Doha: Oliver wins 110m hurdles

Newly crowned World Champ, David Oliver (USA) gets the win at 13.23 seconds, winning by .15 seconds over Sergey Shubenkov (RUS).

2014 Indoor Track and Field Championship: Osaghae wins Gold in Men’s 60m Hurdles

4x American Champion, Omo Osaghae takes gold in the Men’s 60m Hurdles, as well as becoming the world leader in the event with a time of 7.45 seconds.

2013 IAAF Diamond League: Brussels Final: Gordon wins 400m hurdles

In the last Men’s 400m hurdles race of the season, newly crowned world champ Jehue Gordon (TRI) gets the win at 48.32, as Javier Culson (PUR) settled for 3rd, but it was enough to win the Diamond League for the second time.

2013 IAAF Diamond League: Zurich Final: Oliver wins 110m hurdles

The newly crowned World Champ David Oliver (USA) wins his third race and claims the Diamond in the Men’s 110m hurdles.

2013 IAAF Diamond League: Stockholm: Oliver wins 110m hurdles

Recently crowned World Champ, David Oliver (USA), gets the 110m Hurdle win with a time of 13.21, beating Sergey Shubenkov (RUS) by .14 seconds. This is Oliver’s second Diamond League win.

2013 IAAF Diamond League: Stockholm: Hejnova wins 400m hurdles

At 53.71 seconds, Zuzana Hejonova (CZE), the newly crowned World Champ, has now won six out of six races, with only the finals to go she has secured her diamond

2013 IAAF Track and Field World Championship: Rollins wins 100m hurdles

Olympic and defending World Champ Sally Pearson (AUS) bouncing back from injury was .06 seconds behind 21 year old Brianna Rollins (USA). Rollins became the youngest ever 100m hurdles world champ at 12.44.

2013 IAAF Track and Field World Championship: Gordon wins 400m hurdles

In the Men’s 400m hurdles, Jehue Gordon (TRI) just catches Olympic silver medalist Michael Tinsley at the line by .01 second, finishing at 47.69. The Olympic champ Felix Sanchez (DOM) was 5th.

2013 IAAF Track and Field World Championship: Hejnova wins 400m hurdles

In the Women’s 400m hurdles, Zuzana Hejnova (CZE), who was 3rd in the Olympics has been unbeatable since, beating the Americans Muhammad and Demus by 1.26 seconds, finishing at 52.83.

2013 IAAF Track and Field World Championship: Jackson falls in 400m hurdles

In the Semi-Finals, 2005 world champ Bershawn Jackson (USA) cramps up after the first hurdle and goes down, ending his bid for another medal.

2013 IAAF Track and Field World Championship: Oliver wins 110m Hurdles

Despite being sidelined for the past few years, David Oliver (USA) made a triumphant return to competition and today became the world champion of the 110m hurdles. Oliver came in with a time of 13.00, .13 seconds over Ron Wilson (USA, as defending champ Jason Richardson took 4th.

2013 Diamond League: London: Men’s 110 Hurdles: David Oliver wins after Merritt DQ

David Oliver (USA) finished with a winning time of 13.20, after race favorite and world record holder Aries Merritt (USA) crashed midway through the race..

2013 Diamond League: London: Men’s 400m Hurdles: Michael Tinsley wins

In a non Diamond league event, Michael Tinsley finished with one of the best times this year, finishing in a time of 47.98 over fellow Americans Johnny Dutch and Justin Gaymon.

2013 Diamond League: London: Women’s 400m hurdles: Hejnova wins

Zuzana Hejnova (CZE) gets her 5th Diamond League win with a world leading time of 53.07, heading now on to the World Championship.

2013 Diamond League: Monaco: Women’s 100m hurdles: Harrison wins

Collegiate champ Queen Harrison gets her first big 100m hurdles international win the Diamond League, followed by Yvette Lewis (USA) and Kellie Wells (USA) for the American sweep. Olympic champ Sally Pearson (AUS) is still finding her way in 5th.

2013 Diamond League: Monaco: Men’s 400m hurdles: Gordon wins

Jehue Gordon (TRI) gets the win in lane 8 at 48.00. The favorite Javier Culson (PUR) faded to 3rd and Johnny Dutch (USA) took second .20 seconds back.

2013 Track and Field Youth Championship: Hyde wins 110m Hurdles

Jaheel Hyde (JAM) gets the win at 13.13, .11 seconds faster than silver medalist Marlon Humphrey (USA).

2013 Track and Field Youth Championship: Thompson wins 100m hurdles

Yanique Thompson (JAM) holds off the Americans Dior Hall and Mikiah Brisco by .07 seconds to win at 12.94 seconds

2013 Diamond League: Paris: Men’s 110m hurdles: Merritt wins

Olympic champ Aries Merritt (USA) gets his first big win of the season at 13.09 seconds, beating the likes of David Oliver (USA) (who was 3rd), Ryan Brathwaite (BAR), Jason Richardson (USA), and the returning Dayron Robles (CUB) who was 9th.

2013 Diamond League: Paris: Women’s 400m hurdles: Hejnova wins

In the Women’s 400m hurdles, Zuzana Hejnova (CZE) is still undefeated, winning all four races she entered, winning the 400m by .73 seconds at 53.23.

2013 Diamond League: Lausanne: Women’s 100m hurdles: Harper-Nelson wins

Dawn Harper-Nelson (USA) gets her 4th win of the season in the 100m hurdles at 12.53. World and Olympic champ Sally Pearson (AUS) returns to her first race since injury, finishing in 7th place.

2013 Diamond League: Birmingham: Ryan Brathwaite wins 110m hurdles

Ryan Brathwaite took the advantage after Davis Payne disqualified, finishing with a time of 13.13. Brathwaite also finished 1st in his previous event at Bridgetown Barbados.

2013 Diamond League: Birmingham: Javier Culson wins 400m hurdles

Javier Culson (PUR) lead the way in the men’s hurdles, finishing with a time of 48.59 over Rhys Williams (GBR). American Michael Tinsley finished 3rd in the event.

2013 Diamond League: Oslo: Women’s 400m hurdles: Hejnova wins

Zuzana Hejnova (CZE) is now three for three in the Diamond League, winning at 53.60 seconds, over Perri Shakes-Drayton (GBR) and Dalilah Muhammad (USA) in 3rd.

2013 Diamond League: Rome: Women’s 100m hurdles : Harper Nelson wins 2013, Rome, Italy, IAAF Track and Field Diamond League, In the Women’s 100m, Dawn Harper-Nelson (USA) (2008 Olympic champ) get her second win of the season at 12.65 seconds, followed by her teammates Lolo Jones, Virgin

2013 Diamond League: Shanghai: Men’s 110m hurdles: Richardson wins

Unfortunately the Olympic champ Aries Merritt (USA) pulls out of the race and Jason Richardson (USA) takes the win

2013 Diamond League: Doha: Women’s 100m hurdles: Dawn Harper

The Olympic silver medalist Dawn Harper leads the (nearly) all American field across the line at 12.60. Kellie Wells came in at 12.73, Queen Harrison at 12.74 and Lolo Jones in 5th at 12.97 seconds.

2013 Diamond League: Doha: Men’s 400m hurdles: Tinsley wins

At the start of the Diamond League season, Michael Tinsley (USA) gets the win over his fellow countryman Bershawn Jackson by .2 seconds, at 48.92 seconds

2013 US Track and Field Indoor Championship: Men’s 60m Hurdles: Jeffrey Porter falls

Jeffrey Porter took a hard fall at the finish giving the win to Omoghan Osaghae. Porter was able to walk away unassisted.

Former Olympic 110m hurdles champion Robles to retire

By Nelson Acosta HAVANA, Jan 24 (Reuters) – Dayron Robles, the 2008 Olympic Games 110 meters hurdles champion and former world record holder, will retire from athletics owing to a lack of attention from Cuban sports officials, his coach said on Thursday. Robles, 26, pulled up injured in the 2012 Olympic final and has struggled […]

Merritt sets hurdles world record, Bolt, Blake win

Aries Merritt of the U.S. competes in the men’s 110m hurdles event at the IAAF Diamond League athletics meeting, also known as Memorial Van Damme in Brussels September 7, 2012. Merritt sets a new world record of 12.80 seconds (REUTERS/Laurent Dubrule) By Robert-Jan Bartunek BRUSSELS, Sept 7 (Reuters) – Olympic champion Aries Merritt of the […]

2012 Diamond League Zurich: Dawn Harper wins 100m hurdles

Team USA sweeps the finals as Dawn Harper gets the win and the Diamond League title over Kellie Wells who finished third behind Queen Harrison.

2012 Diamond League Zurich: Taylor wins 400m hurdles

Angelo Taylor (USA) wins at 48.29 seconds, but Javier Culson (PUR), with four previous wins, takes home the Diamond League title.

2012 Diamond League Birmingham: Merritt edges Richardson in 110m hurdles

The newly crowned Olympic champ Aries Merritt (USA) edges out last years World Champ Jason Richardson (USA) by .04 seconds.

Jason Richardson wins 110m hurdles in Lausanne

After the Olympic champ Aries Merritt (USA) disqualified, Jason Richardson (USA) seized the moment, finishing first in the 110m hurdles of the 2012 Diamond League Lausanne, with a time of 13.08.

Dawn Harper wins 100m hurdles in Lausanne

Dawn Harper finished with a time of 12.43, beating out american teammate Harrison by .19 seconds, during the 2012 IAAF Diamond League Lausanne.

Kaliese Spencer wins 400m hurdles in Lausanne

Spencer finished with a time of 53.49, beating out teammate Melaine Walker by .25 seconds, in the 2012 IAAF Diamond League Lausanne.

2012 Diamond League Stockholm: Dawn Harper wins 100m hurdles

Dawn Harper, the silver medalist from London, scored her first win after the Games at 12.65, .09 seconds faster than bronze medalist Kellie Wells (USA).

2012 Diamond League Stockholm: Tinsley beats Sanchez in 400m hurdles

Michael Tinsley (USA), the Silver medalist from London, gets the better of the Olympic Champ, Felix Sanchez (DOM) by .43 seconds in the Men’s 400m hurdles.

Silky Merritt edges Richardson for hurdles gold

Aries Merritt (USA), right, races Hansle Parchment (JAM) in the men’s 110m hurdles final during the 2012 London Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium. (Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports) By Nick Mulvenney LONDON, Aug 8 (Reuters) – Aries Merritt capped a phenomenal two months by storming to gold in the 110 meters hurdles at the London Olympics […]

2012 Track and Field Diamond League Monaco: Aries Merritt wins 110m hurdles

At the world leading time of 12.93 seconds, Aries Merritt (USA) gets his second Diamond League win and states his claim for gold in London.

IAAF Junior World Championships 110 Hurdles: Semifinals

Watch the 110 Hurdles Semifinals from this past Saturday’s morning session of the IAAF Junior World Championships from Barcelona, Spain.

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