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2014 El Gouna International Squash Open: El Gouna, Egypt: Men’s Final

The El Gouna International returns to the 2014 calendar for the third time. Famed for its unique international flavor, luxury facilities and natural beauty, El Gouna is a fitting location for this PSA World Series event which promises to deliver a spectacular week of squash from the world’s top players.

Take A Seat: Egypt: Episode 7 (teaser)

In Suez, John Manoly says goodbye to Dominic Gill and trades places with Jasmine El Defrawy, a contemporary woman challenging the traditional Middle-Eastern female role by accepting this physical challenge, going against her family’s beliefs.

Take A Seat: Egypt: Episode 6 (teaser)

John helps Dominic Gill climb the steep hills of Egypt’s only mountain range as they cycled from Dahab to the ancient and religiously significant St. Catherine’s Monastery in Mount Sinai.

Take A Seat: Egypt: Episode 5 (teaser)

Dominic Gill is joined by Mohsin Magdi, a curious companion looking to get back to his hometown of Aswan. Dominic decides to experience the Nile properly, so he retires his bike and climbs aboard a felucca, sailing it along the Nile back to Luxor.

Take a Seat: Egypt: Episode 4 (teaser)

Ossam El Deeb, the desert veteran, rejoins Dominic Gill to take a seat from Dakhla to Luxor. After suffering stomach trouble, fighting headwinds and being forced to cycle at night to avoid the heat, the pair arrives on the banks of the river Nile.

Take a Seat: Egypt: Episode 3 (teaser)

In the Bahariya Oasis, Dominic Gill finds another unlikely companion in Ossam El Deeb, who cycles with Dominic through part of the hottest landscape from Bahariya to to Farafra Oasis.

Take a Seat: Egypt: Episode 2 (teaser)

The Sahara Desert is harsh as Dominic Gill and Ayman Shabrawy suffer temperatures up to 130 degrees and Ayman’s knee starts to buckle under the pressure of constant cycling.

Take A Seat: Egypt: Episode 1

British adventurer and filmmaker Dominic Gill sets the scene for the Take A Seat: Egypt journey; The Egyptian Revolution. Dominic arrives in Cairo in good spirits hoping to find a companion to join him on the first leg of his cycling journey.

Take a Seat: Egypt (opening)

A 4,000 km journey, temperatures of up to 50 degrees celsius, and a spare back seat on a tandem bicycle in a country famous for the Pharaohs, the Promised Land and the Nile. Dominic Gill explored Egypt during a pivotal time: the June 2011 revolution.

Take a Seat: Egypt (teaser)

In this third installment of the Take a Seat series, Dominic Gill, 31 from the United Kingdom, set out to explore the country of Egypt during a pivotal time in the nation: the revolution in June 2011.

IOC “Women in Sport” Awards Honored Former Swimmers

As part of the ongoing 127th Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), a “Women and Sport” award ceremony was held to honor achievements related to “developing, encouraging, and strengthening” the participation of women and girls in all facets of sports.  Of the 39 candidates submitted by their respective National Olympic Committee, International Federation, or […]

Desert ultra-marathoners test spiritual and physical mettle

PHOTO CREDIT: REUTERS/TYRONE SIU (Reuters) – In the world of long-distance running there are the marathoners, ultra-marathoners and the desert runners who trek for days through drought, wind, heat and cold with supplies strapped to their backs. Fitness experts say for athletes grappling with these extremes, success is more a matter of can-do spirit than […]

Dominic “Dom” Gill – Biography

Dominic “Dom” Gill is a 32-year-old adventure filmmaker, creator and director of Take A Seat: Egypt. Born in Oxford, United Kingdom, Gill is a biologist by trade who, at the age of 25, jumped ship from the corporate world of environmental consulting to fulfill his dream as an adventurer and filmmaker. It didn’t take too […]

Take a Seat: Eygpt – Episode Guide

Premieres October 1, 2012 Mondays at 8:00 PM ET/PT October 1 through November 12 A Universal Sports Network original series in association with Encompass Films. Synopsis Take a Seat: Egypt (7 x 30 minutes) is a documentary series that follows British adventurer and independent filmmaker Dominic Gill, 32, as he explores the country of Egypt […]


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