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Gatorade Inside Endurance: Brownlees Preview

Go inside the remarkable journey of world champion triathlete brothers Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee.

Gatorade Inside Endurance: Webisode 1: Sarah Groff

Sarah Groff demonstrates a pre-swim warm up routine using a stretch band. She describes proper technique and summarizes the benefits of each exercise.

Gatorade Inside Endurance: Webisode 2: Shalane Flanagan

Shalane Flanagan shows us the recipe for homemade pasta sauce that is high in protein and carbs. She describes how she formulates her own nutrition plan for her marathon training, as she gets cooking in the kitchen.

Gatorade Inside Endurance: Webisode 3: Shalane Flanagan

Shalane Flanagan does a series of core exercises using either a stretch band or a simple floor mat. She points out proper technique and the overall importance of strengthening core muscles for an endurance athlete.

Inside Endurance: Webisode 6: Wind Down Stretches: Dathan Ritzenhein

Wind Down Stretches: Dathan takes us through his end-of-day stretching routine, a hybrid of yoga, pilates & elastic band stretches. He dispels myths about stretching & highlights the specific ways to integrate stretching into an overall fitness plan.

Gatorade Inside Endurance: Webisode 4: Sarah Groff

Together in the kitchen, Sarah Groff and boyfriend Ben True prepare an organic cheese-less pizza, explaining the benefits and techniques of making a homemade healthy meal with all the essentials nutrients for a training endurance athlete.

Inside Endurance: Webisode 5: Dynamic Flexibility: Dathan Ritzenhein

Dynamic Flexibility: Dathan demonstrates a series of Dynamic Flexibility exercises and describes how to do them and what is their unique benefit for the endurance athlete.

Gatorade Inside Endurance: Episode 4: Brownlees

Inside Endurance: Brownlees features the reigning Triathlon World Champion, Alistair Brownlee and his younger brother the reigning Sprint Triathlon World Champion, Jonathan Brownlee.

Inside Endurance: Episode 1: PRIME

Meet featured Gatorade athletes, marathon runner Shalane Flanagan, long distance runner Dathan Ritzenhein & triathlete Sarah Groff. Along with their coaches & personal support staff, they take us into the training world of elite endurance athletes.

Gatorade Inside Endurance: Episode 3: Recover

Examines what elite endurance athletes do when the race is over and the training session is complete to ensure that their bodies and minds will be ready for the next challenge.

Gatorade Inside Endurance: Episode 2: Perform

Showcases what elite endurance athletes need to do physically, mentally & nutritionally to perform at highest potential while racing. From proper hydration to race day strategies & mental preparations, we learn the skill set and support needed.


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