Yes, Naked Rugby Exists


A couple of naked rugby players (Rob Jefferies/Getty Images)

By Max Meyer

In case you needed another reason to be a rugby fan, naked rugby does in fact exist. New Zealand’s Nude Blacks, one of the premier teams in naked rugby, took on the English naked rugby team this past weekend at University Oval in Dunedin, New Zealand. The Nude Blacks ended up victorious, 24-19.

According to eGlobal Travel Media, one of the key members in the league is Julie Woods. Woods consistently referees the games, and is known as “That Blind Woman”. The name was given to her not because she’s a bad ref, she is legally blind.

New Zealand’s All Blacks, the fully-clothed team, took on England’s rugby squad later that day. One member of the crowd was inspired by the first match, and streaked onto the field.

Maybe nobody would have noticed had he streaked during the naked rugby game instead.

If you want to see more photos of the naked rugby players, click here.


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