2014 Fiji Men’s Pro Surfing Competition – LIVE ONLINE THRU 6/12


For the first time, Universal Sports Network will offer coverage of the 2014 Fiji Men’s Pro competition live on UniversalSports.com, starting June 1, 2014.

One of the only John Lennon approved venues on tour, Fiji is for dreamers. Bright blue drainers explode across the reef for impossibly long stretches. It is exotic. It is romance. Airs won’t win you a heat in Fiji. Being able to read and thread one of the aforementioned caverns, however, will. Dream on, everyone. Dream on.Up against the reef, and each other, the world’s best converge in Melanesia for what seems like more of a renewal than a return. The first female charger of Generation Next will emerge victorious, albeit with a few cuts and bruises.

THE WAVE: The 2014 Fiji Pro has two world-renowned lefthanders to work with. The deep-water beast of Cloudbreak actually breaks about a mile out from the island and offers up heavy barrels and opportunities for big carves while testing a surfer’s heavy water skills. If Cloudbreak uncharacteristically stops pumping, Restaurants is a perfect high-performance lefthander that reels along the reef immediately in front of the island restaurant, hence the name.

PERILS: The waves at Cloudbreak especially are by no means for beginners and the surf here can get heavy. 

NOTE: Due to the nature of this event. the exact event time is unknown prior to the day of the event. Please check back here often for live coverage of each day of competition (found below), which will begin on start date and time of event competition.

June 2, 2014 at TBD (PST):   


June 3, 2014 at TBD (PST):   


June 4, 2014 at TBD (PST): 


June 5, 2014 at TBD (PST):    


June 6, 2014 at TBD (PST):    


June 7, 2014 at TBD (PST):


June 8, 2014 at TBD (PST):


June 9, 2014 at TBD (PST):   


June 10, 2014 at TBD (PST):


June 11, 2014 at TBD (PST):


June 12, 2014 at TBD (PST):




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