Equinox Tips: Marathon Strength Training: Week 9

Just as there are superfoods, there are supermoves, exercises so dynamic and effective that they confer a particularly significant benefit and thus deserve a permanent place in your repertoire. One such move is the focal point of this week’s series, and it’s got Tier 4 coach Jason Skinner using superlatives.

“Week 9 holds a special place in my heart as it revolves around my favorite and arguably the greatest exercise, the deadlift,” says Skinner. “The deadlift comes in all shapes and sizes but the movement itself is the hip hinge. I will bet my career that if you do not have the ability to perform a proper hip hinge, you will suffer in the health and performance department.”

In terms of undoing the damage daily (desk-bound) life does to a runner’s body, Skinner says the deadlift is peerless. “Think of the posture that you most likely find yourself in as you read this post. The deadlift requires and promotes exactly the opposite posture. In addition, the deadlift hits every muscle that running tends to neglect.”

That being said, the deadlift can be a difficult movement to perform well, and requires precision, which is why Skinner designed this set to break down the movement into smaller components. Each of the three preparatory exercises primes a specific area or muscle group so that you can better execute the main movement. “Your first move, the Core-Activated Leg Lowering, creates posterior chain mobility required to get in position for the deadlift, as well as priming the core and hip flexors to stabilize the movement,” he explains. “The Band-Resisted Bird Dog creates the necessary length in the spine to resist the forces of the deadlift, and the Full-Kneeling Hip Extension is by far my favorite glute activation exercise. It makes it very easy to learn the difference between using your glutes instead of your lower back during extension.” These moves ladder you up to the deadlift, Skinner’s G.O.A.T. (that would be his greatest of all time).

Perform this 4-move routine on your designated strength-training day.


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