Equinox Tips: Marathon Strength Training: Week 10

The buzz word for this week: Pairings. In a meta sense, to run well and run healthy, you must complement your mileage with strength-training. “If you haven’t picked up on it yet, running really does need to be paired with lifting,” says Tier 4 coach Jason Skinner. “Structure, balance and movement tend to fall apart without it.”

On a more focused level, this week’s 4-move series can be broken down into two sets of power pairs, both designed to challenge the stability of the body. “The benefit of this week is found in the pairings of the exercise,” says Skinner. “The Reach, Roll and Lift create the mobility and stability required at the shoulder and scapula, while the Push-up Plank with Shoulder Taps reinforces those gains and ties in the core and upper extremities.” Your third and fourth moves follow practically the same pattern. “The Split Squat with Band Adduction challenges the glute in a split stance position while the Lunge to Cable Row requires the body to further stabilize in a more challenging single-leg stance while once again incorporating the upper extremities.”

And since all four moves focus on areas that runners tend to neglect, the workout is ideal for marathoners, making it an ideal match for your Week 10 mileage requirements.




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