Ryan Hall’s Marathon Tips

Ryan’s Advice: Five Running Training Tips for a Busy Schedule:

1. Get out the door: Even if you feel tired when you get home after a long day, just make it a point to get out the door. If you still feel tired once you have run a couple of miles then modify your workout.

2. Consistency: A little bit everyday is more effective than a ton of running on the weekend and then no running during the week.

3. Prioritize running: If you only have so much time cut out whatever you need to that is not running (i.e. weights, cross training, zoomba, etc.) It’s not that these activities aren’t good for you just that the number one most important thing you can do in your training for a marathon is to run.

4. Multi-task: Find ways to make your running time also your social time by training in a group or make calls when you are out on easy runs. I have actually done conference calls while running before.

5. Eliminate travel time: When I am really busy I run from my house. This saves me driving time and frees up part of my day.

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