30 Reasons To Watch: #23

Will the world’s largest McDonald’s restaurant, built expressly for the Olympics and with a seating capacity of 1,500, set a record for calories served over a three week period? (This over-under for items served includes 50,000 Big Macs, 100,000 orders of fries and 30, 000 milkshakes.)

(Photo by McDonald’s Corporation)

By Mike Tierney, Special to Universal Sports

In keeping with the larger-than-life nature of the Olympics, McDonald’s will operate a super-sized restaurant in London, the most spacious of its 33,000-plus across the globe.

Between cheering on some of the world’s healthiest folks, spectators can compromise their own health with fast food, though the menu does includes salads and a new fruit juice option. The two-story eatery, staffed by 500 employees, seats 1,500.

A British doctors association, citing the literally growing problem of obesity, voiced complaints about this really big Mac’s. But McDonald’s has been a loyal Olympics sponsor since 1976, so Games officials are not exactly fried over business generated at the restaurant, projected at 14,000 customers daily. They are more than happy to give the sponsor a fair shake — vanilla or chocolate.

The docs can take consolation in McDonald’s plans to shutter the site six weeks after closing ceremonies.

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